The composition per 1kg

Lactobacillus acidophilus (min) 5×10⁸ CFU Sorbitol (min) 75.000 mg
Bacillus subtilis (min)  5×10⁸ CFU Lysine (min) 30.000 mg
Vitamin B1 (min) 70.000 mg Methionine (min) 40.000 mg
Vitamin B2 (min) 45.000 mg Sufficient carrier 1kg

Uility: Stimulate digestion, stimulate weight gain, increase livestock productivity.

Usage: Use regularly in the breeding process.
Poultry, waterfowl: 1g / 10kg of body weight or 1g / 2 liters of drinking water

Pigs and other cattle: 1g / 20kg of body weight or 1kg / ton of feed.

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Complementary food products, Probiotics and Enzyme products