The composition in 1kg

Protein (min)*              35% Protease (min) 800.000 UI
Lactobacillus kefir (min)    5.109 CFU Lysine (min) 45g
Bacillus clause (min)    5.109 CFU Methionine (min) 55g
Bacillus subtilis (min)    5.109 CFU Vitamin B1 (min) 50g
Saccharomyces serevisiae (min)    1.109 CFU Sufficient Glucose 1kg
Amylase (min) 1.200.000 UI

Increase appetite, stimulate growth, maximize weight gain. Helps prevent gastrointestinal disease, absorb nutrients, reduce FCR, reduce odor of stables, create stool.

On poultry: help to thicken, red, click, yellow, smooth feathers

On pig: skin pink, smooth, hairy, buttock, shoulders, thighs, gain weight fast

Especially effective in the stage of chicken, goose, duck, quail and piglet. Helping animals healthy, shortening the time to slaughter.

Mix well with food, use periodically during culture
With poultry and waterfowl: 1kg / 250-300kg of compound food

With piglets: 1kg / 250kg of mixed food

For pigs, sow: 1kg / 250-300kg mixed feed
For buffalos and cows: 1kg / 450kg of mixed feed

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