The composition in 1 liter contains:

Inositol  (min) 100.000 mg Vitamin B6 (min) 1.750 mg
Sorbitol  (min) 420.000 mg Aginine (min) 5.000 mg
Vitamin B1 (min) 5.000 mg Methionine (min) 10.000 mg
Vitamin B2 (min) 2.000 mg Sufficient solvent 1 liter
Vitamin B5 (min) 500 mg



Detoxify the liver, kidneys quickly. Overcoming liver damage, anti-swelling of kidneys caused by infection or antibiotics, mold in food. Help animals recover quickly during treatment. Enhance secretion of bile, enhance the digestion of fat, laxative, prevent constipation.


Dosage and Usage

Mix drinking water or food

Poultry and waterfowl: 1ml / 10kg of body weight or 1ml / 2 liters of water

Pigs and other cattle: 1ml / 15kg of body weight or 1 ml / 3 liters

Loại thuốc

Supportive medicine for treating diseases