The composition in 1 kg

Ethanol β aminophosphoric acid 100g
Sodium Benzoate 100g
Sufficient excipients (Lactose) 1kg

Detoxify liver, kidney superior cattle and poultry.

Preventing and supporting treatment of liver and kidney diseases. Renewal of liver and kidney tissue due to kidney stones, toxins, parasitic infections, bacterial infections, anti-stress in cattle, poultry and waterfowl.
Poultry and waterfowl: Support for the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases caused by infection or parasite infection or use for animals after treatment with sulfonamides, antiparasitic drugs and long-term antibiotics.


Dosage and Usage
Mix drinking water or food. Course of 3-5 days.
Poultry and waterfowl: 1g / 15kg of body weight or 1g / 3 liters.
Pigs and other cattle: 1g / 20kg of body weight or 1 kg / ton of feed

Loại thuốc

Supportive medicine for treating diseases