Aqua Care

Với VMC Việt Nam Bạn Có Được Sự Tin Cậy



Sorbitol (min)45 %
Betaine (min)5 %
Methionine (min)6 %
Vitamin E (min)45,000 mg
Sufficient dextrose1 kg


Enhances immunity, detoxifies the liver, supports disease treatment, improve metabolism.

Eliminate toxins, prevent liver atrophy, liver edema, liver swelling, degeneration of liver and kidney cells.

Prevention of hepatopancreatic diseases.

Enhance resistance, reduce stress due to changes in farming environment suddenly.

Dosage and administration

Dissolve the product in a sufficient volume of water and then spray, mix it with feed, let it dry naturally for 20 – 30 minutes before feeding.

Increase resistance: 1kg of Hercare Aqua/500 – 800kg of feed, use once a day, use continuously throughout the period of raising.

Support prevention, treatment of hepatopancreatic diseases: 1kg Hercare Aqua/300 – 500 kg of feed, use twice a day, use continuously for 5 – 7 days.


Provide services
  • Diagnosis of bacterial and viral diseases in cattle and poultry
  • Diagnosis of bacterial and viral diseases in aquatic animals
  • Bacterial isolation - creat antibiograms
  • Testing water samples for animal husbandry and aquaculture
  • Consulting on effective disease prevention and treatment regimens