The composition in 100ml contains:

Florfenicol 20g
Doxycycline 10g
Sufficient solvent 100ml

Preventing and treating diseases on cattle and poultry.
Treatment of respiratory diseases:asthma caused by Mycoplasma, CCRD transplantation, ORT asthma, head edema (Coryza), APP, pasteurellosis, streptococci, staphylococcus.
Gastrointestinal disease caused by Salmonella, E.Coli
Usage: Mixed with drinking water or food  with a course of 5-7 days
Treatment dose:
On poultry and waterfowl: 1ml / 10 – 15kg body weight or 1ml / 2 – 3 liters of drinking water
On pigs and other cattle: 1ml / 30 – 40kg body weight or 1 liter / 2 tons of feed.
Preventive dose: Use 1/2 treatment dose.

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Antibiotics treat the disease