The composition in 1 liter

Bromhexine.HCl 20g
Sufficient solvent 1 liter

Supporting the treatment of respiratory diseases in cattle and poultry.

Helps to quickly reduce symptoms of cough, asthma, difficulty breathing, wheezing, windpipe, reduce respiratory inflammation, help fight inflammation, prevent runny nose, prevent edema, and expel mucus.

Supporting the treatment of respiratory diseases, especially those that cause severe inflammation and breathing difficulties in the airways.

Dosage and Usage
Mix drinking water or food, course of 3-5 days
Poultry and waterfowl: 1ml / 10-15kg of body weight or 1ml / 2-3 liters of water
Pigs and other cattle: 1ml / 20-25kg of body weight or 1ml / 4-5 liters of water
Use misting: 25ml / liter of water

Loại thuốc

Supportive medicine for treating diseases