Aqua Care

Với VMC Việt Nam Bạn Có Được Sự Tin Cậy



Bacillus subtilis (min)3.0 x 109 cfu/liter
Bacillus megaterium (min)2.0 x 109 cfu/liter
Bacillus licheniformis (min)3.0 x 109 cfu/liter
Bacillus pumilus (min)2.0 x 109 cfu/liter
Sufficient solvent1 liter


Balance beneficial bacteria for the digestive tract, inhibit harmful bacteria, prevent intestinal diseases.

Enlarge the intestinal tract, enhance digestion and thoroughly absorb food, help shrimp eat healthy, grow fast.

Reduce feed conversion rate (FCR), increase livestock productivity.

Enhance immunity, increase resistance for shrimp when encountering weather fluctuations or stress factors.

Dosage and administration

Dissolve the product in a sufficient volume of water and then spray, mix it with feed, let it dry naturally for 10 – 20 minutes before feeding.

Prevent intestinal diseases, stimulate digestion, gain weight: Use 2.5ml/kg of feed, use all meals a day, use continuously throughout the period of raising.

When shirmp have gastrointestinal disease: Use 5ml/kg of feed, use twice a day, use continuously for 5 days.


Provide services
  • Diagnosis of bacterial and viral diseases in cattle and poultry
  • Diagnosis of bacterial and viral diseases in aquatic animals
  • Bacterial isolation - creat antibiograms
  • Testing water samples for animal husbandry and aquaculture
  • Consulting on effective disease prevention and treatment regimens