Aqua Care for shrimp

Với VMC Việt Nam Bạn Có Được Sự Tin Cậy



The composition in 1 liter contains

Bacillus subtilis.3×10⁹ CFU
Bacillus megaterium2×10⁹ CFU
Bacillus amyloliquefaciens2×10⁹ CFU
Bacillus lincheniformis3×10⁹ CFU
Bacillus pumilus2×10⁹ CFU
Sufficient special solvent1 liter

– All Enzyme Oral is a supplement of beneficial bacteria that helps to balance intestinal microflora, which aids digestion.

– Preventing intestinal infections, increasing resistance of shrimps, helping big intestine, long stool and unbroken shrimp feces.

– Enhance the function of digesting and absorbing nutrients, increasing productivity and raising quality, reducing FCR.

Mix All Enzyme Oral in clean water just enough then spray, mix well into the food, let air dry for 15-20 minutes before feeding or directly into the pond to create Biofloc.
Prevent intestinal diseases, support digestion: use 1-3ml / kg of feed, use 1-3 times / day

Create Biofloc seeds, improve the environment of the pond: splash directly into the pond 1 liter All Enzyme Oral for: 6,000 – 8,000m3 of water.

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