The composition in 1kg contains

Bacillus Clausii (min) 1×10¹¹ CFU
Bacillus coagulans (min) 1×10¹⁰ CFU
Amylase (min) 1,5 MUI
Protease (min) 1,2 MUI
Sodium (min – max) 13.000 – 15.000 mg
Potassium (min – max) 10.000 – 12.000 mg
Sufficient Glucose 1 kg

All enzyme is a special preparation providing useful probiotics, highly active enzymes and electrolytes that optimize the animal’s gut health.

All enzymes help stimulate digestion, increase nutrition absorption of food, reduce FCR, shorten the time to market. Helps prevent faeces, limit intestinal diseases such as E.coli, typhoid, enteritis, .. help to form stool, reduce odor of barn.

Dissolve with clean water or mix food:
Poultry, waterfowl: 1g / 15kg of body weight or 1g / 3 liters
Pigs and other cattle: 1g / 20kg of body weight or mixing 1kg / tonne of feed.

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Complementary food products, Probiotics and Enzyme products