The composition in 1kg contains

Lactic Acid (min)            20 g Amylase (min) 1.200.000 UI
Formic Acid (min)            20 g Protease (min) 800.000 UI
Phosphoric Acid (min)            10 g Natri Citrate (min – max) 225 – 250 g
Citric Acid (min)            50 g Kali Clorua (min – max) 180 – 200 g
Lactobacillus acidophilus (min) 5.1010 CFU Sufficient Glucose 1 kg
Bacillus subtilis (min) 5.1010 CFU

Uility: increase appetite, stimulate weight gain, provide beneficial microbiota for the digestive tract, increase food absorption, reduce FCR.

Usage: Mixed with drinking water or food
Poultry and waterfowl: 1g / 10kg of body weight or 1g / 2 liters of water
Pigs and other cattle: 1g / 15 – 20 kg of body weight or 1 kg / ton of feed

Loại thuốc

Complementary food products, Probiotics and Enzyme products