Collaborative research and application of science and technology and human resource training between the Faculty of Aquaculture and VMC Vietnam

To promote training and scientific research combined with apply to manufacture. On March 5, 2020, the Faculty of Aquaculture of Vietnam National University of Agriculture and Vietnam VMC Company had many activities to meet, consult and discuss cooperation orientations between the both sides.

Mr. Nguyen Huu Vinh – Director of VMC Vietnam, presented a medicine chest at the The Faculty of Aquaculture – Vietnam                                                                                 National University of Agriculture

The both sides unified a number of action , including : The Faculty of Aquaculture to support training on aquatic diseases, diagnosis skills for employees, building  analytical and diagnostic aquatic disease laboratory ; training and providing human resources for the company to develop the VMC Aquacare brand; cooperatiing to apply products to aquaculture farms; researching and developing new products for water quality management, prevention and treatment of aquatic diseases.

                   Training on diagnosis skill of aquatic diseases course at Vietnam National University of Agriculture

The Faculty of Aquaculture held a two-day training course on aquatic disease for our staff and a 5-day analytical and diagnostic aquatic disease course for staff and manager lab – engineer / bachelor graduated from pharmaceutical chemistry (Hanoi University of Science and Technology) and veterinary medicine (Vietnam National University of Agriculture)

On this occasion, VMC Vietnam also sponsored the Faculty of Aquaculture with an aquatic medicine cabinet full of drugs, preparations, enzymes and vitamins product by our company to serve to teach, practice, internship and research of the Faculty of Aquaculture

VMC Newsletter November 16, 2019