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10 year anniversary of Keieijuku Vietnam community

Cập nhật: 24 Mar 2020

On November 15, 1919, at the Marriot Hanoi Hotel, an event to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the high-end business program Keieijuku took place, this is the business management training program for senior leaders of the most successful businesses. under the support of Japan International Cooperation Organization JICA, Foreign Trade University, Vietnam – Japan Human Resource Development Institute (VJCC).

The event started with the sharing articles “Vietnam National Productivity Enhancement Requirements and Expectations for Keieijuku Enterprises” of Prof. Kenichi Ohno from Japan Public Policy Institute (GRIPS); “Light the fire in the heart – The path to guide entrepreneurs” by Mr. Nobutane Yamamoto – lecturer Keieijuku, Former member of the Board of Directors of Panasonic Group;

Share “Vietnam National Productivity Enhancement Requirements and Expectations for Keieijuku Enterprises” by Prof. Kenichi Ohno, GRIPS
“Build Today for Tomorrow: Orienting business vision in a new era” by Mr. Chosaku Toda, former CEO in Europe and the United States, Panasonic Corporation.

In the framework of the 10th anniversary of the Keieijuku community training activities, the activities of connecting intra-regional trade between businesses of the Keieijuku Community and international connections with more than 50 senior leaders of corporations. Japan, with the witness of Mr. Toshiyuki Nakamura – Director of Department of Industrial Development and Public Policy, Japan International Cooperation Agency JICA, Mr. Do Nhat Hoang – Director of Foreign Investment Department, Ministry of Planning and investment and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bui Anh Tuan – Rector of Foreign Trade University took place successfully with a series of memorandum of understanding signed at the ceremony.

The community of KEIKEIJUKU VIETNAM is an organization consisting of individuals, business people, managers who have or have not attended KEIEIJUKU courses organized by VJCC Institute, wishing to manage the company in Japanese style, creating life is rich, healthy, happy and devoted to society. Sustainable company development, a bridge for Vietnam – Japan relationship. With more than 600 members across the country, more than 52,000 employees and generating a total turnover of more than VND 100,000 billion each year, the Keieijuku community has a vision to become a prestigious social organization in Vietnam for those who are thirsty. business prospects and become an effective bridge for Vietnam – Japan businesses.

In celebration of Keieijuku community’s 10 years, Japanese and Vietnamese enterprises also participated in the signing ceremony of trade mark marking the cooperation between Japanese and Vietnamese enterprises. VMC Vietnam and SASAKI also signed contracts to buy and sell smart refrigerated dryers in the presence of more than 500 Japanese and Vietnamese enterprises.

The Keieijuku community has been trying its best to build a Vietnamese business community “Autonomy – Self-Help – Self-Strength” by entrepreneurs who love Japanese management style, through connecting activities. , sharing practical experience in the field to create a superior management power of each member enterprise.


Within the framework of celebration activities, VMC Vietnam participated in a booth to introduce and promote the products and technologies of superior manufacturing to its partners and domestic and international partners. .

Vietnam VMC Newsletter, November 16 ,109

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